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Call us at 1800-Printer or the equivalent of 1800-7746837, it is our pleasure to offer you the best solutions to your printing requirements.

Over the years, we have built up a strong customer base ranging from consultant and construction firm, event organiser, and educational and training schools.

Our printing services are meant for the local and oversea market. For the latter, the finished product is ship to the destination, or in some cirumstances, it is the reverse, where the print request comes from abroad, and the output is consumed locally. An exmple of this is a foreign organisation requesting print services to be used for in a local trade show.

We believes in achieving highest standard of service quality in every aspect of the printing process. It is our mission to ensure print jobs are completed with high degree of professionalism.

As printing is a generalised keyword that encompasses a much wider range of product types, to get a quick overview of what we do, these are some of the printing services offer by us.

Plan Printing, Document Printing, Photocopy, Carbon Pad, Letter Head, Brochure, Envelop, Book & Manual Printing, Book Binding, Namecard, Rubberstamp, and more.....


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